Yasaman Sheri

Yasaman Sheri is a creative director and designer exploring sensing, augmentation and interactions in technology and ecology. Her expertise in sensing at Microsoft Hololens Augmented Reality where she lead the core interface in gestures, geo located sound, surface reconstruction  and sensory inputs as well as the design of Windows Holographic operating system pushed her to question networks in sensing beyond the visual interface. Yasaman leads collaborations with Toyota, GoogleX, Mozilla XR Studio, Sissel Tolaas and most recently has been awarded a biosensing Lab at the world’s leading synthetic biology company Ginkgo Bioworks. 

Yasaman is an educator, teaching Graduate Design Programs at Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design, Rhode Island School of Design and guest lecturer and critic at Art Center College of Design, Columbia University GSAPP, University of Pennsylvania, Cooper Union and Stanford University. Her vision is to expand interaction design beyond digital screens in to the embodied sensory experiences and ecological considerations for the planet.