Simon Herzog, Professional Programs Manager, CIID

Simon teaches designers about business and businesspeople about design. He is passionate about working in fast-paced cross-disciplinary environments that enable radical change and impact. With a background in sociology from Columbia University, early-stage investing in New York's startup scene, and interaction and service design at CIID, he has worked in environments such as prisons, project buildings, and venture capital boardrooms. This hybrid experience between field work, design, and business makes him particularly attuned to creating strategic and financial viability through service design informed by real-world insights. Or, more simply: creating services that work, solve problems, and delight.


Daniel Letts, Senior Instructor, CIID

Calm under pressure and with a laid back laconic take on the world Daniel is nonetheless passionate about things making sense. The phrase "because that's the way it is" is the one thing that is sure to get his blood up. This is what has led him to Service Design - a simple desire to make things work better than they currently do. In his over 10 years as a service designer, he has worked with a number of different agencies including Livework, Method, Head, Eight, and Bath Consulting Group across numerous sectors including communications, telecoms, finance, health, transportation, FMCG, manufacturing and the public sector.Originally trained as an architect, and as a certified Scrum master, Daniel has always believed that services should work as well in the real world as they do in the digital. His current obsession is that Service Design needs to come of age, grow up, and start to deliver.