Service Design and Change Management

22-23 November 2018

The 2-day advanced workshop enabled the 25 participants to understand how to put key service design tools into practice in designing relevant service propositions that bring value to their business and their customers. Participants included business owners and general managers, services & applications officers, business consultants, organizational development managers, user experience specialists and marketing managers from almost all business fields.


Principles and Practice of Design Thinking

21-23 June, 2018

The 3-day, hands-on workshop introduced the 19 participants to the concept and practice of design thinking for services, processes, and products. It guided them through the entire process, from understanding a stakeholder group, discovering a need, and creating a solution to address it. Participants included operation and customer service heads, digital project coordinators, HR managers, heads of marketing and client experience, ICT project managers, and management consultants from a wide range of sectors including banking, telecoms, publishing, digital services, information technology, and maritime.

Service Design Thinking

8-10 February, 2018

This 3-day, hands-on workshop enabled the 24 participants to understand service touchpoints across a wide range of channels from apps and physical devices, to direct human interactions, and to effectively and rapidly develop prototypes across all of them. Participants included user experience architects, directors, software engineers, division heads of research, digitization, and corporate restructure, as well as management consultants, all from a wide range of sectors including graphic design and banking. During the workshop and through team-work, 192 new ideas were developed and 6 projects were completed.