This course is ideal for...

This workshop is ideal for creatives and executives working in food, hospitality, fashion, cosmetics, architecture, urban planning, biology, the arts, marketing, branding, events, and design.

Derivatives of this workshop have been taught to corporate teams such as Toyota, Google and other Technology Companies, Technology + Innovation, Software Companies, Biotech Companies, Car Companies, Flavor and Fragrance Companies, Food Innovation Companies around the world. 

Testimonials from previous workshops:

An eye-opening workshop experience that focused on implementable design techniques, while conducted by a passionate and engaging team of instructors.

- Nikoleta Boutserou, Head of Customer Service Operations, Alpha Bank SA 


We all need to be able to understand our business environment and empathize our stakeholders and/or clients, and this is a great, structured way of working to achieve a better understanding and results. 

- Anna Zachou, Head of Marketing and Product Development, Chrysi Eukairia


“A very interesting topic delivered as a hands-on experience.
I enjoyed it all the way and I'm eager to apply the lessons learned in my work environment!”

- Dimitris Komnakos, Product Director, Commsquare


"Extremely applicable to design services and provide solutions while having the end users in mind."

– Augusto Bianchi, User Experience Design Architect, PMI.COM


"A holistic way of how to identify, evaluate and satisfy customer's needs."

- Nikos Matthaios, Senior Executive Advisor Marketing & Communications, National Bank of Greece


 "An eye opening experience!"

– Maria Leontiou, Head of Innovation, Eurobank


"Totally different experience!

Knowledge, entertainment & action, are beautifully combined together!!!"

- Konstantina Andreaki, Alpha Bank


"A whole new practical way of applying design thinking into finding solutions and getting to know your customer’s needs"

– Bob Alexandropoulos, Digital Art Director