The Workshop

What is it like to design products, services, places or experiences for the other senses? Consider smell, touch, haptics, taste, and proprioception or whole new types of sensing mechanisms. With technologies like AR/VR augmenting vision and with biotechnology changing the way we work and interact with nature, our interactive surfaces are no longer only about visuals, but also the other senses.   

This workshop is an intro to designing products and experiences for sensory interactions beyond vision that explores interfaces outside of screens. Sensory design is designing things by considering the total experience related to the human senses of vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

The exercises explore the body and its surroundings as interactive environments.  Participants will “sketch” physical interactions and objects through wearables, interventions in the build environment, and collective engagement and participation in relation to the senses of smell, taste, touch, sound and so on.

By the end of the workshop the participants will learn about the history of sensing, the neglected senses, wearable technologies, design thinking practices, and the process for designing for all the senses. 





Intro to Sensing
  • Lecture on Sensing beyond Seeing
  • Exercise 01 - Sensing the Self
Scale of Sensing
  • Lecture on Scale + Sensing technology today
  • Exercise 02 - Visualizing Scale


Afternoon (INDOOR + OUTDOOR)

Sense Making
  • Lecture: What is a Sensory Interface
  • Smell Walk + Mapping
  • Physical Sketching warm ups
  • Sensory Mapping Design



Morning (INDOOR)

Sensory Manifesto - Walk through
  • Lecture on ethics of sensing + Inclusion
  • Discussion
  • Design of Sensory Interface


Afternoon (INDOOR / OUTDOOR)

  • Design of Sensory Interface - Sketches Continued in Teams
  • Documentation
  • Show and Tell