The Workshop

This workshop applies the Design Thinking approach to difficult situations and tough choices when resources are slim and timelines are tight. Design Thinking is a tried-and-true method of creative problem-solving that focuses on empathy and creativity and can be applied across industries and sectors. While it is often used to create new products and services, we will apply it to the current unpredictable climate, allowing us to address this and future crises in empathetic and collaborative ways. 

Along the way, we will examine and learn from each other about what kinds of responses do and don’t work in a crisis, map the key stakeholders of our organizations and their changing needs, identify aspects of our businesses to double down on, eliminate, or replace, and come up with a concrete plan for a pilot project you can start on immediately when you return to work.

This highly interactive workshop is focused on providing you actionable value and therefore consists of 90% activities and discussions with minimal lecturing. Most time is spent working in small groups, learning and applying tools, discussing with your peers, and working on your own organization’s real-world challenges. The workshop will take place digitally using Zoom as the main conferencing tool and Miro as a digital whiteboard and collaborative space.  



Each workshop day begins at 9am and ends around 3:30pm. Two 15-minute coffee breaks and a one-hour lunch break are included.

 Tue. 9 March 2021

  • Welcome & introduction to digital workshop tools
  • Red Thread Exercise
  • Lecture: Design Thinking in a Crisis

----- Break -----

  • Group Reflection
  • Stakeholder Mapping

----- Lunch break -----

  • Mapping Stakeholder Needs
  • Introduction to Blueprinting

----- Break -----

  • Blueprinting your Organization

 Wen. 10 March 2021

  • Crisis Responses Discussion
  • Blueprinting Reflection

----- Break -----

  • Mapping Strategic Priorities Before the Crisis
  • Mapping Strategic Priorities After the Crisis

----- Lunch break -----

  • Strategy Brainstorming
  • Designing your Pilot Project
  • Presentations
  • Discussion